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Here is the team behind Neatly Production. We are a small group of developers with big game industry dreams.

Neatly Production Team, Miika

(Technical Artist)

Miika is undeniably a computer master, often described as a genuine wizard! Within projects, he assumes multifaceted roles, including project management, lighting design, animations, as well as the creation of a majority of shaders. Additionally, he possesses valuable coding experience. Born into a family-owned log house company, Miika embarked on a brief career in the video and advertising industry. However, his passion for game development has been ingrained in him since his kindergarten days. While creating PC games with friends for enjoyment, the idea of turning this into a full-time career seemed like a distant dream at the time. In the present, Miika actively engages with computers across various creative domains, eagerly embracing new challenges and opportunities that come his way.

Miika's favourite games: Metal Gear Solid 1 & 2, Life is Strange series, The Survivalists and RE: Village

Neatly Production Team, Linda

(3D Artist, Level Designer)

Linda is an integral part of our team, serving as both a proficient 3D modeler and a skilled level designer. She has a remarkable ability to craft assets and construct level blockouts from scratch, completing levels with remarkable efficiency. Her meticulous approach to her work is highly esteemed by our team and clients alike. When it comes to Linda, there's no question or request too challenging—her capabilities are boundless. You can consistently rely on her to deliver results that shine like pure gold. Linda's journey into the world of visual game design at Ahlman's marked a significant departure from her previous role as a construction painter. She had no prior experience with computers. However, her lifelong passion for games has always been a driving force in her life, making it unsurprising that she eventually found her way into the gaming industry. For Linda, the opportunity to work in this field is a dream come true.

Linda's favourite games: Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption 2, Fallout 4

Neatly Production Team, Nilla

(CEO, VFX Artist)

Nilla plays a dual role within our team, serving not only as the CEO but also as a proficient VFX artist. While the demand for special effects may be relatively lower in our projects, this allows her to leverage her diverse skill set in the game industry, encompassing modeling, in-game animations, and video design. In her current capacity, Nilla manages a restaurant, but her ultimate aspiration and objective revolve around securing employment within the gaming industry. Much like Linda, Nilla had no prior experience working with computers before her venture into Ahlman. However, her unwavering passion for games has always been a defining aspect of her life, and now, a genuine opportunity has arisen for her to pursue a career in this field.

Nilla's favourite games: Watch Dogs 2, Uncharted series, Grand Theft Auto series