Games of Neatly Production is presented in here. Neatly Production thrives on a collaborative business model, specializing in cooperative projects with fellow game companies. We’re always open to forging new connections and embarking on fresh projects, leveraging our expertise to create exciting gaming experiences. Our commitment to teamwork and innovation is at the heart of what we do, ensuring that we remain a valuable partner in the gaming industry.


Co-operation project (Notovia, Dreamloop Games, Red Stage Entertainment & Neatly Production)

I'm On Observation Duty 6

Player: Single player

Genre: Horror, Puzzle, Indie

Developer: Notovia, Dreamloop Games, Red Stage Entertainment, Neatly Production

Publisher: Notovia

Published: September 2023

Embark on a thrilling adventure in a ‘Spot the Difference’-type puzzle horror game that revolves around the vigilant monitoring of live surveillance camera footage and the identification of various anomalies. These anomalies can encompass anything from subtle furniture movements to potential intruders. Your task is to promptly rectify these anomalies by diligently filing detailed reports. To succeed in this challenging endeavor, you will need not only sharp eyes but also an exceptional memory. The ultimate objective is to outlast the entire night, facing increasingly eerie challenges.

About this project

Neatly Production was cordially invited to collaborate with the development team behind the game “I’m on Observation Duty 6.” Within this partnership, we assumed the pivotal role of delivering a variety of elements, including stunning environment art, captivating VFX, meticulous color grading, and a meticulously crafted level design.

These contributions were instrumental in creating an immersive and engaging experience for players. As an integral part of this exciting project, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to infuse our top-notch creativity into enhancing both the game’s atmospheric qualities and its gameplay dynamics.

Neatly Production Punch A Plant Title Logo


Punch A Plant! VR Arcade

Player: Single player, Multiplayer

Genre: VR, Arcade, Action, Tower Defence

Developer: Neatly Production

Publisher: Pikseli Arcade

Published: Spring 2023

As a rapidly spreading virus engulfs the superfood manufacturing space station, it initiates a mutation in its precious laboratory-grown plants. In your role as a space gardener, it is imperative that you confront this hostile threat decisively. Armed solely with the anti-gravity gauntlets, the time has come to eradicate these stagnant plants once and for all. Prepare to Punch A Plant!

Whether you choose to embark on this mission solo or team up with your friends, this fast-paced tower defense style arcade VR-game promises an exhilarating experience. Its foundation is built upon highlighting the unique ways to maneuver and master your cold steel gardener gloves. The fate of the Astral Nutrition space station now rests firmly in your hands and those of your comrades.

About this project

Neatly Production seized a fantastic opportunity to enhance and diversify our VR development skills through a collaborative venture with Pikseli Arcade. With a clear set of specific guidelines provided by Pikseli Arcade regarding the type of game they envisioned, our talented team of six developers, consistent with our original team size prior to 2023, diligently brought that vision to vibrant life.

This fruitful partnership not only allowed us to expand our VR expertise but also provided us with an invaluable platform for learning and improvement. Consequently, we succeeded in delivering a truly unique and immersive experience to Pikseli Arcade’s discerning audience.